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Professional advice for athletes, clubs and sponsors.

About us

Since 1999, we represent athletes and work with sports projects. Respecting the individuality, ethics and national and international standards, we get memorable results for our customers. We maintain professional relationships with the best sports agents to ensure our global reach. Over the years, we have helped our clients to achieve their goals with planning and professionalism.

The sports agent Guido Caccamo has over thirty years of experience in the sports industry and has helped to bring young athletes from the beginning of their careers to the Olympic and world success.

International experience for thirty years.


Sports Agency

More than consulting and representation, we are close to our athletes offering personalised, integrated and complimentary services. We offer the best service to help you achieve your professional goals. Make your decisions and sign your contracts with accurate information and peace of mind.


We work with sponsorship projects, ensuring the correct display and enhancement of brands in the sports market.

Club Consulting

Given the experience gained and the business network developed, we offer to our clients professional management, duties and relations with sports and institutional bodies.

The champions' agency.

Work developed seriously. Our athletes have won several national and international titles.

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The sports agent Guido Caccamo is happy to help you and answer your questions.

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